sphinx-autobuild - Man Page

manual page for sphinx-autobuild 2021.03.14


usage: sphinx-autobuild [-h] [--port PORT] [--host HOST]

[--re-ignore RE_IGNORE] [--ignore IGNORE]

[--no-initial] [--open-browser] [--delay DELAY] [--watch DIR] [--pre-build COMMAND] [--version] sourcedir outdir [filenames ...]

positional arguments


source directory


output directory for built documentation


specific files to rebuild on each run (default: None)


-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--port PORT

port to serve documentation on. 0 means find and use a free port (default: 8000)

--host HOST

hostname to serve documentation on (default:

--re-ignore RE_IGNORE

regular expression for files to ignore, when watching for changes (default: [])

--ignore IGNORE

glob expression for files to ignore, when watching for changes (default: [])


skip the initial build (default: False)


open the browser after building documentation (default: False)

--delay DELAY

how long to wait before opening the browser (default: 5)

--watch DIR

additional directories to watch (default: [])

--pre-build COMMAND

additional command(s) to run prior to building the documentation (default: [])


show program's version number and exit

sphinx's arguments

The following arguments are forwarded as-is to Sphinx. Please look at `sphinx --help` for more information.

-b=builder, -a, -E, -d=path, -j=N, -c=path, -C, -D=setting=value, -t=tag, -A=name=value, -n, -v, -q, -Q, -w=file, -W, -T, -N, -P


January 2024 sphinx-autobuild 2021.03.14