speed.1ssl man page

openssl-speed, speed — test library performance


openssl speed [-help] [-engine id] [-elapsed] [-evp algo] [-decrypt] [algorithm...]


This command is used to test the performance of cryptographic algorithms. To see the list of supported algorithms, use the list --digest-commands or list --cipher-commands command.



Print out a usage message.

-engine id

specifying an engine (by its unique id string) will cause speed to attempt to obtain a functional reference to the specified engine, thus initialising it if needed. The engine will then be set as the default for all available algorithms.


Measure time in real time instead of CPU time. It can be useful when testing speed of hardware engines.

-evp algo

Use the specified cipher or message digest algorithm via the EVP interface.


Time the decryption instead of encryption. Affects only the EVP testing.

[zero or more test algorithms]

If any options are given, speed tests those algorithms, otherwise all of the above are tested.

Referenced By

list.1ssl(1), openssl.1ssl(1), sslsplit(1).

2018-03-27 1.1.0h OpenSSL