spdrs60 - Man Page

SRCP digital model railroad controller with a look of the German Railway SpDrS60 switch-boxes.


spdrs60 [ -options ] [ file ]


spdrs60 is a graphical Simple Railroad Command Protocol (SRCP) client to
comfortably control a digital model railroad.  His look has been adopted from the original German Railway SpDrS60 switch-boxes.  It is designed for use with a SRCP server as provided by the DDL project.  For historical reasons there have been several partly incompatible versions of SRCP.  This version of spdrs60 only supports SRCP version 0.8.4 and hence needs a suitable SRCP server like srcpd (http://srcpd.sourceforge.net/).  For basic usage of spdrs60 it may be sufficent to connect to servers providing older SRCP standards ranging from 0.8.0 to 0.8.3.

Generic Messages

spdrs60 supports Generic Messages (GM) which were introduced to SRCP in version 0.8.4. This feature is used to transport CRCF (Common Railroad Configuration Files) data enabling SRCP clients to exchange information not part of the SRCP specification. spdrs60 acts as CRCF server and client and can communicate with CRCF clients like dtcltiny to provide route specific information.


For now spdrs60 does not implement special command-line options, but supports  generic options of the underlying Qt-library.

-geometry WxH+X+Y

Sets the size and location of the main window. This may be specially useful for displaying a full-size railroad layout.



Personal spdrs60 defaults (see Edit Preferences menu).

Conforming to

This version of spdrs60 is conforming to SRCP 0.8.4.


There may still be some bugs worth to be smashed. Please send bug reports or suggestions for improvements to the spdrs60 user mailinglist <spdrs60-user@lists.sourceforge.net>.



Display the main window with an empty layout. Pre-loading of a preferred layout file is controlled by the preferences dialog.

spdrs60 -geometry 800x600+0+0

Display the man window in 800x600 pixel size and place it to the upper left corner.


spdrs60 was written by Stefan Preis <info@linux-modellbahn.de> with contributions from Rüdiger Seidel, Guido Scholz <guido-scholz@gmx.net> and Dirk Armbrust.

This manual page was written by Guido Scholz.

See Also

centralclock(1), dtcltiny(1), srcpd(8)

Referenced By


2016-03-13 Linux SRCP Clients