spa-acp-tool - Man Page

The PipeWire ALSA profile debugging utility


spa-acp-tool [COMMAND]


Debug tool for exercising the ALSA card profile probing code, without running PipeWire.

May be used to debug problems where PipeWire has incorrectly functioning ALSA card profiles.


help | h

Show available commands

quit | q


card ID | c ID

Probe card

info | i

List card info

list | l

List all objects

list-verbose | lv

List all data

list-profiles [ID] | lpr [ID]

List profiles

set-profile ID | spr ID

Activate a profile

list-ports [ID] | lp [ID]

List ports

set-port ID | sp ID

Activate a port

list-devices [ID] | ld [ID]

List available devices

get-volume ID | gv ID

Get volume from device

set-volume ID VOL | v ID VOL

Set volume on device

inc-volume ID | v+ ID

Increase volume on device

dec-volume ID | v- ID

Decrease volume on device

get-mute ID | gm ID

Get mute state from device

set-mute ID VAL | sm ID VAL

Set mute on device

toggle-mute ID | m ID

Toggle mute on device


The PipeWire Developers <>; PipeWire is available from <>

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