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sos-help - Man Page

get detailed help information on sos commands and components


sos help TOPIC


sos help is used to retrieve more detailed information on the various SoS commands and components than is directly available in either other manpages or --help output.

This information could for example be investigating a specific plugin to learn more about its purpose, use case, collections, available plugin options, edge cases, and more.

Most aspects of SoS' operation can be investigated this way - the top level functions such as report, clean, and collect, as well as constructs that allow those functions to work; e.g. transports within sos collect that define how that function connects to remote nodes.

Required Arguments


The section or topic to retrieve detailed help information for. TOPIC takes the general

form of command.component.entity, with component and entity being optional.

Top-level command help sections will often direct users to component sections which in turn may point to further entity subsections.

Some of the more useful or interesting sections are listed below:

   Topic                     Description

   report                    The sos report command
   report.plugins            Information on what report plugins are
   report.plugins.$plugin    Information on a specific plugin
   clean or mask             The sos clean|mask command
   collect                   The sos collect command
   collect.clusters          How collect enumerates nodes in a cluster
   policies                  How SoS behaves on different distributions


Fri Nov 05 2021