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SNOBOL4 operators


All SNOBOL4 operators can be redefined with OPSYN(). These are the default assignments.

The following operator character sequences are permitted and represent a cross between PDP-10 Macro SNOBOL4, SITBOL and Catspaw SPITBOL usage:

Binary Operators

List of Binary Operators, in decreasing order of precedence. When operators of equal precedence are adjacent, associativity determines order of evaluation.

SPITBOL and BLOCKS extensions control operator definitions are orthogonal and can be controlled separately.

= _assignmentRIGHTw/ SPITBOL
?pattern matchLEFTw/ SPITBOL
#normal concatLEFTw/ BLOCKS
%vertical concatLEFTw/ BLOCKS
- +subtract, addLEFT
#definableLEFTw/o BLOCKS
%definableLEFTw/o BLOCKS
?definableLEFTw/o SPITBOL
^ **exponentiationRIGHT
$ .match namingLEFT

Unary Operators

$indirect reference
*unevaluated expression
@cursor position assignment

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Referenced By

snobol4(1), snobol4blocks(1).

March 31, 2022 CSNOBOL4B 2.3.1 CSNOBOL4 Manual