snobol4error - Man Page

SNOBOL4 error codes



Errors not marked (fatal) or (fatal-) cannot be caught/ignored by setting &ERRLIMIT.  Errors marked (fatal-) can be caught by SETEXIT by setting both &ERRLIMIT and &FATALLIMIT, but cannot be CONTINUEd (extension added in CSNOBOL4 2.1.6).

  1. “Illegal data type”
  2. “Error in arithmetic operation”
  3. “Erroneous array or table reference”
  4. “Null string in illegal context”
  5. “Undefined function or operation”
  6. “Erroneous prototype”
  7. “Unknown keyword”
  8. “Variable not present where required”
  9. “Entry point of function not label”
  10. “Illegal argument to primitive function”
  11. “Reading error”
  12. “Illegal i/o unit”
  13. “Limit on defined data types exceeded”
  14. “Negative number in illegal context”
  15. “String overflow”
  16. “Overflow during pattern matching” (fatal).

    See the -P option in snobol4cmd(1).

  17. “Error in SNOBOL4 system” (fatal).

    Various internal errors.

  18. “Return from level zero” (fatal).
  19. “Failure during goto evaluation” (fatal-).
  20. “Insufficient storage to continue” (fatal).

    See the -d option in snobol4cmd(1).

  21. “Stack overflow” (fatal).

    See the -S option in snobol4cmd(1).

  22. “Limit on statement execution exceeded” (fatal).
  23. “Object exceeds size limit” (fatal).
  24. “Undefined or erroneous goto” (fatal-).
  25. “Incorrect number of arguments” (fatal-).
  26. “Limit on compilation errors exceeded” (fatal).
  27. “Erroneous END statement” (fatal).
  28. “Execution of statement with compilation error” (fatal). Last error in standard SNOBOL4.
  29. “Erroneous INCLUDE statement” (fatal).
  30. “Cannot open INCLUDE file” (fatal).
  31. “Erroneous LINE statement” (fatal).
  32. “Missing END statement” (fatal).
  33. “Output error”
  34. “User interrupt”

    Interrupt character (SIGINT) was recieved.

  35. “Not in a SETEXIT handler” (fatal-).

    Attempt to branch to CONTINUE, SCONTINUE, or ABORT when no unhandled error condition present

  36. “Error in BLOCKS”  (fatal).

    Internal error.

  37. “Too many warnings in BLOCKS”  (fatal).
  38. “Mystery error in BLOCKS” (fatal).

    Undocumented internal error.

  39. “Cannot CONTINUE from FATAL error” (fatal).

    Attempt to branch to CONTINUE or SCONTINUE after a fatal- error condition.

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snobol4(1), snobol4io(1), snobol4key(1).

March 31, 2022 CSNOBOL4B 2.3.1 CSNOBOL4 Manual