snmptranslate - Man Page

translate MIB OID names between numeric and textual forms


snmptranslate [Options] OID [OID]...
snmptranslate [Options] -


snmptranslate is an application that translates one or more SNMP object identifier values from their symbolic (textual) forms into their numerical forms (or vice versa).  

OID is either a numeric or textual object identifier.

The special - argument is used to translate multiple object IDs in one run. Input is taken from stdin, and output is written to stdout. The input format can be a single object ID per line, or can be the output of snmpwalk or snmpget .



Turn on debugging output for the given TOKEN(s). Try ALL for extremely verbose output.


Display a brief usage message and then exit.


Specifies a colon separated list of MIB modules to load for this application.  This overrides the environment variable MIBS.

The special keyword ALL is used to specify all modules in all directories when searching for MIB files.  Every file whose name does not begin with "." will be parsed as if it were a MIB file.


Specifies a colon separated list of directories to search for MIBs. This overrides the environment variable MIBDIRS.


Provides control over the translation of the OID values.  The following TRANSOPTS are available:


Print all matching objects for a regex search.


Print full details of the specified OID.


Print a graphical tree, rooted at the specified OID.


Dump the loaded MIB in a trivial form.


Dump a labeled form of all objects.


Dump a numeric form of all objects.


Dump a symbolic form of all objects.


Dump a tree form of the loaded MIBs (mostly useful for debugging).


Dump a numeric and labeled form of all objects (compatible with MIB2SCHEMA format).


Display version information for the application and then exit.


Specifies the width of -Tp and -Td output. The default is very large.

In addition to the above options, snmptranslate takes the OID input (-I), MIB parsing (-M) and OID output (-O) options described in the INPUT OPTIONS, MIB PARSING OPTIONS and OUTPUT OPTIONS sections of the snmpcmd(1) manual page.


See Also

snmpcmd(1), variables(5), RFC 2578-2580.


13 Nov 2013 V5.9.4.pre2 Net-SNMP