sndfile-interleave - Man Page

convert mono files into a multi-channel file and vice versa


sndfile-interleaveinput1 input2 ... -o output


sndfile-interleave creates a multi-channel file taking audio data from two or more mono files as individual channels. The format of the output file is determined by its filename suffix. The audio parameters of the output file will be made so that the format can accommodate each of the mono inputs; for example, the samplerate will be the maximal samplerate occurring in the inputs. The output file will be overwritten if it already exists.

sndfile-deinterleave creates two or more mono files from a multi-channel audio file, containing data from the individual channels. The names of the resulting mono files are of the form “name_XY.suf” where name and suf are the basename and suffix of the original file. If any file of such name already exists, it will be overwritten. Apart from the number of channels, the audio format of the resulting mono files is the same as that of the original file.

Exit Status

The sndfile-interleave utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


Merge a mono OGG file and a mono FLAC file into a stereo WAV file:

$ sndfile-interleave left.ogg right.flac -o stereo.wav

Split a multi-channel into individual mono files:

$ sndfile-deinterleave multi.wav
Input file : multi
Output files :

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The man page sndfile-deinterleave(1) is an alias of sndfile-interleave(1).

November 2, 2014