snake-tree man page

snake-tree -- Query or modifiy a SNAKE tree database


snake-tree [options] [command] [command-options ...]


The snake-tree utility is used to query or modify SNAKE tree information. Unless specified, snake-tree will operate on a local database of trees.

command is one of:

Unless the --help or -h option is given, one of the above commands must be present.

General Options

The following command line options are permitted.

-h, --help

Help; display a help message and then quit.

-v, --verbose

Verbose; output more information.

-s, --server

Server; rather than query the local system, communicate with a snake-server

-p, --port

Port; Use the specified port when communicating with the snake-server (defaults to 2903).

URI Syntax

snake-tree understands http, ftp, and nfs URI's.  Some examples of valid URI's might be:

snake-tree add

Add the tree referenced by the given URI.

snake-tree check

Check the validity of the given URI.

snake-tree update nfs:tree-server.localdomain:/path/to/FedoraCore/6/i386/os

Update cached tree information using the given URI.  Note, use of nfs URI's requires that both the client and server will already have read access to that volume.

Treeid Syntax

Several snake-tree commands accept a TREEID as an argument.  A TREEID is typically the timestamp recorded in the .treeinfo file.  This timestamp records when the tree was composed and is considered a unique identifier.  To find a list of valid TREEID's hosted on your snake-server, use the snake-tree list command.

Treespec Syntax

When querying available trees, the list and info commands offer several filters to limit your results.  The available filters are typically the contents of a .treeinfo file, and include:

Any arguments not matching the above filters will be ignored. sample list command might look like:

snake-tree list family=Fedora arch=i386 version=8

List all Fedora 8 i386 trees

snake-tree list family="Red Hat Enterprise Linux" arch=ppc

List all "Red Hat Enterprise Linux" ppc trees

snake-tree info uri=

Provide detailed information about the tree containing the given URI.

Additonal Resources

See for more information, including information on scripting snake from Python.

See also the manpages for snake-ks, snake-install, snake-install-tui, and snake-server


Various. See


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