snake-ks man page

snake-ks -- Query or modifiy a SNAKE kickstart templates


snake-ks [options] [command] [command-options ...]


The snake-ks utility is used to query or modify SNAKE kickstart templates. Unless specified, snake-ks will operate on a local directory of files (see man snake.conf).

command is one of:

Unless the --help or -h option is given, one of the above commands must be present.

General Options

The following command line options are permitted.

-h, --help

Help; display a help message and then quit.

-v, --verbose

Verbose; output more information.

-s, --server

Server; rather than query the local system, communicate with a snake-server

-p, --port

Port; Use the specified port when communicating with the snake-server (defaults to 2903).

Ksspec Syntax

When querying available templates, snake-ks list offers several filters to limit your results.  Available filters include:

Add Options

The following add command line options are permitted.

-n, --name

Name; specify a name for the kickstart template.  This defaults to the basename of the file (without the extension).

-d, --desc

Description; specify a description for the kickstart template.  This defaults to an empty string.

The following are several ways in which you may invoke the add command:

snake-ks add /root/anaconda-ks.cfg

Add the local file /root/anaconda-ks.cfg

curl;a=blob_plain;f=examples/minimal.ks;hb=master | snake-ks add --name=snake-wiki-example

Use the curl utility to download the above URL.  The result is passed to snake-ks through standard input.

snake-ks add --name clearpart --desc "@base clearpart --drives=sda,sdb" /root/anaconda-ks.cfg

Add the local file /root/anaconda-ks.cfg using the name and description provided above.

Remove Options

The following example demonstrates calling the remove command.

snake-ks remove workstation-devel

Removes the template "workstation-devel" from.

Generate Options

The following generate command line options are permitted.

-v, --version

Version; specify a version to use when generating the kickstart file.  Unless specified, a value of "devel" will be used.  For a complete list of version's please reference the pykickstart package.

The generate command can be invoked several ways, for examples:

snake-ks generate minimal

Generates a kickstart file using the minimal template.  The kickstart version will default to "devel".

snake-ks generate --version RHEL4 everything

Generates a RHEL4 kickstart file using the everything template.

Describe Options

The following example demonstrates calling the describe command.

snake-ks describe workstation-devel "Common Developer Install"

Updates the description of the workstation-devel template to be "Common Developer Install"

Rename Options

The following example demonstrates calling the rename command.

snake-ks rename workstation-devel workstation-common

Renames the kickstart template workstation-devel to workstation-common.

Additonal Resources

See for more information, including information on scripting snake from Python.

For information about pykickstart, refer to

See also the manpages for snake-tree, snake-install, snake-install-tui, and snake-server


Various. See


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