snake-install man page

snake-install -- A convenient utility that downloads boot images, and updates the bootloader using the supplied installation URI.


snake-install [options] URI [kickstart]


The snake-install command is responsible for grabbing boot images from the supplied URI, modifying the bootloader config, and rebooting into the installer.  If you don't have a URI, use the snake-install-tui command. When a kickstart filename is supplied, snake-install will perform a kickstart installation using the specified file.  Any additional command-line arguments will be ignored.

Unless the --help or -h option is given, a URI must be present.

General Options

The following command line options are permitted.

-h, --help

Help; display a help message and then quit.

-i, --interactive

Interactive; prompt user for installation information.

Additonal Resources

See for more information, including information on scripting snake from Python.

For information about pykickstart, refer to

See also the manpages for snake-tree, snake-ks, snake-install-tui, and snake-server


Various. See


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