smokeperl.pl man page

smokeperl.pl — The perl Test::Smoke suite


$ ./smokeperl.pl [-c configname]


C:\smoke>perl smokeperl.pl [-c configname]


It can take these options

--config|-c <configname> See configsmoke.pl (smokecurrent_config)
--nofetch                Skip the synctree step
--nopatch                Skip the patch step
--nomail                 Skip the mail step
--noarchive              Skip the archive step (if applicable)
--[no]ccp5p_onfail       Do (not) send failure reports to perl5-porters
--[no]delay_report       Do (not) create the report now
--[no]continue           Try to continue an interrupted smoke
--is56x                  This is a perl-5.6.x smoke
--defaultenv             Run a smoke in the default environment
--[no]smartsmoke         Don't smoke unless patchlevel changed
--patchlevel <plevel>    Set old patchlevel for --smartsmoke --nofetch
--snapshot <patchlevel>  Set a new patchlevel for snapshot smokes
--killtime (+)hh::mm     (Re)set the guard-time for this smoke
--pfile <patchesfile>    Set a patches-to-apply-file
--cfg <buildcfg>         Set a Build Configurations File

All other arguments are passed to Configure!


smokeperl.pl is the main program in this suite. It combines all the front-ends internally and does some sanity checking.

See Also

README, FAQ, configsmoke.pl, mktest.pl, mkovz.pl