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LibstorageMgmt SMI-S Plugin


LibstorageMgmt SMI-S Plugin allows LibstorageMgmt user to manage storage arrays like: EMC VNX/VMAX, HDS AMS and LSI MegaRAID etc. via SNIA SMI-S standard. The 'smispy_lsmplugin' executable file is for LibstorageMgmt daemon to execute when client user requests SMI-S plugin.


To use this plugin, users should set their URI to this format:

    # HTTP connection

    # HTTPS connection

The username is the SMI-S provider user account.


The smis_provder_host is the SMI-S provider's IP address or DNS name.


By default, SMI-S plugin will use port 5988 for HTTP connection and port 5989 for HTTPS connection. You can skip this in URI if your SMI-S provider is using default ports.

For non-default ports, SELinux will likely prevent the SMI-S plugin from making a network connection.

URI parameters

These URI parameters are supported by this plugin:


This URI parameter is for LSI MegaRAID and NetApp E-Series only.


For those SMI-S providers which support multi-systems(Example EMC ECIM), this URI parameter can be used to limit network communication for specified system only. The system_id is the ID of the system:
*              (Python API)
* lsm_system_id_get()        (C API)
* lsmcli list --systems      (lsmcli command line)


This URI parameter is for HTTPS connections only. With this URI parameter, the SMI-S plugin will not validate SMI-S provider's server SSL certificate. It's often used for self-signed CA environment, but it's strongly suggested to remove this URI parameter and install self-signed CA properly.

Supported Hardware

The LibstorageMgmt SMI-S plugin is based on 'Block Services Package' profile , SNIA SMI-S 1.4 or later. Any storage system which implements that profile may be supported. Detailed support status can be queried via:

* lsm.Client.capabilities()  (Python API)
* lsm_capabilities()         (C API)
* lsmcli capabilities        (lsmcli command line).

Firewall Rules

By default, this plugin requires access to the SMI-S provider's TCP 5988 port for HTTP conenction and TCP 5989 port for HTTPS connection.

See Also

lsmcli(1), lsmd(1)


Please report bugs to <>


Gris Ge <>
Tony Asleson <>


June 2015 smispy_lsmplugin 1.9.8 libStorageMgmt