smiquery man page

smiquery — query single information from SMI MIB modules


smiquery [ -Vh ] [ -p module ] command name


The smiquery program is used to query information on a single item from an MIB module, e.g. module meta information or a single type definition.


-V, --version
Show the smiquery version and exit.
-h, --help
Show a help text and exit. The help text lists all available commands.
-p module, --preload module
Preload the module module before reading the main module. This may be helpful if an incomplete main module misses to import some definitions.
command name
This specifies the kind of information to retrieve (module, imports, revisions, node, parent, compliance, index, members, children, type, or macro) and the item to retrieve.

The module in question is searched along a path, which is initialized by the SMIPATH environment variable or by /usr/share/mibs if SMIPATH is not set. Files with a .sming extension are expected to be (old-style!) SMIng module files. Files with a .my or without any extension are expected to be SMIv1/v2 module files.


This example queries for information on the node ifNumber defined in the module IF-MIB.

 $ smiquery node IF-MIB::ifNumber
      MibNode: IF-MIB::ifNumber
  Type: Integer32
  Declaration: OBJECT-TYPE
     NodeKind: scalar
Access: read-only
Status: current
  Description: The number of network interfaces (regardless of their
	current state) present on this system.

See Also

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