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slmprune - Man Page

prune the back-off language model to a reasonable size


slmprune input_slm result_slm cut_option num...


This program uses entropy-based method to prune the size of back-off  language model 'input_slm' to a specific size and write to 'result_slm'.

the third parameter cut_option can be [R|C]. It means the following numbers is the number for (R)eserve or (C)ut. If (C)ut, the num[k] means how many items in level K would be cut. If (R)eserve, num[k] means how many item would be reserved in level k.

Note that we do not ensure that during pruning process,  exactly the the given number of items are cut or reserved, because some items may  contains high level children, so could not be cut.

Also it's your responsibility to give right number of arguments based on 'input_slm'.


To get information of the back-off language model, try 'slminfo'.


Originally written by Phill.Zhang <phill.zhang@sun.com>. Currently maintained by Kov.Chai <tchaikov@gmail.com>.

See Also

slminfo(1), slmthread(1).

Referenced By

slmbuild(1), slminfo(1), slmthread(1).

2024-01-27 perl v5.38.2 User Contributed Perl Documentation