slminfo - Man Page

get information of a back-off language model


slminfo [option]... slm_file


slminfo tells information of back-off language model 'slm_file'. It can  also print the model to ARPA format. When no option is given, slminfo will only print number of items in each level  of the language model.



Turn on verbose mode, printing arpa format.


Prefer normal probability than -log(Pr) which is default. Valid under -v option.

-l,--lexicon dict_file

Specify the lexicon. Valid under -v option. Substitute the word-id with word-text in the output.


Originally written by Phill.Zhang <>. Currently maintained by Kov.Chai <>.

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slmpack(1), slmprune(1), tslminfo(1).

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