skopeo-standalone-verify - Man Page

Verify an image signature.


skopeo standalone-verify manifest docker-reference key-fingerprint signature


Verify a signature using local files, digest will be printed on success.

manifest Path to a file containing the image manifest

docker-reference A docker reference expected to identify the image in the signature

key-fingerprint Expected identity of the signing key

signature Path to signature file

Note: If you do use this, make sure that the image can not be changed at the source location between the times of its verification and use.


$ skopeo standalone-verify busybox-manifest.json 1D8230F6CDB6A06716E414C1DB72F2188BB46CC8  busybox.signature
Signature verified, digest sha256:20bf21ed457b390829cdbeec8795a7bea1626991fda603e0d01b4e7f60427e55

See Also

skopeo(1), containers-signature(5)


Antonio Murdaca ⟨⟩, Miloslav Trmac ⟨⟩, Jhon Honce ⟨⟩

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