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skopeo-list-tags - Man Page

List image names in a transport-specific collection of images.


skopeo list-tags [options] source-image

Return a list of tags from source-image in a registry or a local docker-archive file.

source-image name of the repository to retrieve a tag listing from or a local docker-archive file.


See also skopeo(1) for options placed before the subcommand name.

--authfile path
Path of the authentication file. Default is ${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/containers/auth.json, which is set using skopeo login.
 If the authorization state is not found there, $HOME/.docker/config.json is checked, which is set using docker login.
--creds username[:password]
for accessing the registry.
--cert-dir path
Use certificates at path (*.crt, *.cert, *.key) to connect to the registry.
--help,  -h
Print usage statement
Access the registry anonymously.
--registry-token Bearer token
Bearer token for accessing the registry.
The number of times to retry. Retry wait time will be exponentially increased based on the number of failed attempts.
Require HTTPS and verify certificates when talking to the container registry or daemon. Default to registry.conf setting.
The username to access the registry.
The password to access the registry.

Repository Names

Repository names are transport-specific references as each transport may have its own concept of a "repository" and "tags".

This commands refers to repositories using a transport:details format. The following formats are supported:

 A repository in a registry implementing the "Docker Registry HTTP API V2". By default, uses the authorization state in either $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/containers/auth.json, which is set using (skopeo login). If the authorization state is not found there, $HOME/.docker/config.json is checked, which is set using (docker login).
 A docker-repository-reference is of the form: registryhost:port/repositoryname which is similar to an image-reference but with no tag or digest allowed as the last component (e.g no :latest or @sha256:xyz)

  Examples of valid docker-repository-references:

  Examples of invalid references:

 more than one images were stored in a docker save-formatted file.


Docker Transport

To get the list of tags in the "fedora" repository from the docker.io registry (the repository name expands to "library/fedora" per docker transport canonical form):

$ skopeo list-tags docker://docker.io/fedora
    "Repository": "docker.io/library/fedora",
    "Tags": [

To list the tags in a local host docker/distribution registry on port 5000, in this case for the "fedora" repository:

$ skopeo list-tags docker://localhost:5000/fedora
    "Repository": "localhost:5000/fedora",
    "Tags": [

Docker-archive Transport

To list the tags in a local docker-archive file:

$ skopeo list-tags docker-archive:/tmp/busybox.tar.gz
    "Tags": [

Also supports more than one tags in an archive:

$ skopeo list-tags docker-archive:/tmp/docker-two-images.tar.gz
    "Tags": [

Will include a source-index entry for each untagged image:

$ skopeo list-tags docker-archive:/tmp/four-tags-with-an-untag.tar
    "Tags": [

See Also

skopeo(1), skopeo-login(1), docker-login(1), containers-auth.json(5), containers-transports(1)


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