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skopeo-generate-sigstore-key - Man Page

Generate a sigstore public/private key pair.


skopeo generate-sigstore-key [options] --output-prefix prefix


Generates a public/private key pair suitable for creating sigstore image signatures. The private key is encrypted with a passphrase; if one is not provided using an option, this command prompts for it interactively.

The private key is written to prefix.private . The private key is written to prefix.pub .


See also skopeo(1) for options placed before the subcommand name.

--help,  -h
Print usage statement
--output-prefix prefix
Mandatory. Path prefix for the output keys (prefix.private and prefix.pub).
--passphrase-file path
The passphare to use to encrypt the private key. Only the first line will be read. A passphrase stored in a file is of questionable security if other users can read this file. Do not use this option if at all avoidable.


$ skopeo generate-sigstore-key --output-prefix mykey

See Also

skopeo(1), skopeo-copy(1), containers-policy.json(5)


Miloslav Trmač mitr@redhat.com ⟨mailto:mitr@redhat.com⟩

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