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sjstat - Man Page

List attributes of jobs under the SLURM control


sjstat [-h ] [-c] [-r ] [-v]


The sjstat command is used to display statistics of jobs under control of SLURM. The output is designed to give information on the resource usage and availablilty, as well as information about jobs that are currently active on the machine. This output is built using the SLURM utilities, sinfo, squeue and scontrol, the man pages for these utilites will provide more information and greater depth of understanding.



Display a brief help message


Display the computing resource information only.


Show the man page.


Display only the running jobs.


Display more verbose information.


The following is a basic request for status.

    > sjstat

     Scheduling pool data:
     Pool         Memory  Cpus  Total Usable   Free  Other Traits
     pdebug      15000Mb     8     32     32     24  (null)
     pbatch*     15000Mb     8   1072   1070    174  (null)

     Running job data:
     JobID    User      Nodes Pool       Status        Used Master/Other
     395      mary       1000 pbatch     PD            0:00 (JobHeld)
     396      mary       1000 pbatch     PD            0:00 (JobHeld)
     375      sam        1000 pbatch     CG            0:00 (JobHeld)
     388      fred         32 pbatch     R            25:27 atlas89
     361      harry       512 pbatch     R          1:01:12 atlas618
     1077742  sally         8 pdebug     R            20:16 atlas18

     The Scheduling data contains information pertaining to the:

        Pool      a set of nodes
        Memory    the amount of memory on each node
        Cpus      the number of cpus on each node
        Total     the total number of nodes in the pool
        Usable    total usaable nodes in the pool
        Free      total nodes that are currently free

     The Running job data contains information pertaining to the:

        JobID           the SLURM job id
        User            owner of the job
        Nodes           nodes required, or in use by the job
                        (Note: On cpu scheduled machines, this field
                        will be labled "Procs" show the number of processors
                        the job is using.)
        Pool            the Pool  required or in use by the job
        Status          current status of the job
        Used            Wallclick time used by the job
        Master/Other    Either the Master (head) node used by the job, or may
                        indicate furhter status of a pending, or completing job.

     The common status values are:

        R       The job is running
        PD      The job is Pending
        CG      The job is Completing

     These are states reproted by SLURM and more elaborate docuemntation
     can be found in the squeue/sinfo man pages.

 An example of the -v option.

     Scheduling pool data:
                                Total  Usable   Free   Node   Time  Other       
     Pool         Memory  Cpus  Nodes   Nodes  Nodes  Limit  Limit  Traits      
     pdebug      15000Mb     8     32      32     24     16     30  (null)
     pbatch*     15000Mb     8   1072    1070    174  UNLIM  UNLIM  (null)

     Running job data:
                                                      Time        Time            Time                  
     JobID    User      Nodes Pool      Status        Used       Limit         Started  Master/Other    
     38562    tom           4 pbatch    PD            0:00     1:00:00  01-14T18:11:22  (JobHeld)

     The added fields to the "Scheduling pool data" are:

        Node Limit      SLURM imposed node limit.
        Time Limit      SLURM imposed time limit, value in minutes.

     The added fields to the "Running job data" are:

        Limit           Time limit of job.
        Start           Start time of job.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <eckert2@llnl.gov>


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