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sjobexitmod - Man Page

Modifies a completed job in the slurmdbd


       sjobexitmod      [-e exit_code] [-r reason_string] [-c cluster_name] JobId 
       sjobexitmod      -l JobId 
       sjobexitmod      -h
       sjobexitmod      -man


 sjobexitmod is a wrapper which effectively does the same operation as using the
 sacct utility to modify certain aspects of a completed job.

        sacctmgr -i modify job jobid=1286 set DerivedExitCode=1 Comment="code error"

 or to list certain aspects of a completed job.

        sacct -o jobid,derivedexitcode,comment,cluster



A usage summary message is displayed, and sjobexitmod terminates.


Show the man page for this utility..

-c cluster_name

The name of the cluster the job ran on.

-e exit_code

The exit code (DerivedExitCode) to be used.

-l JobID

List selected attributes of a completed job.

-r reason_string

The reason (Comment) for job termination.


the numeric job id.

Exit Conditions

If there is an error, sjobexitmod returns either the  exit status returned by sacctmgr, or a non-zero value.


Written by Philip D. Eckert

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <pdesr@llnl.gov>

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