sjisconv - Man Page

convert a TeX document in SJIS encoding into `preprocessed' form.


sjisconv < infile > outfile


SJIS encoding for Japanese uses the characters {, }, and \ which have special meanings in T E X documents.

After processing a L A T E X 2ε document which contains SJIS characters with sjisconv you need not care about these special characters.

This filter is part of the CJK macro package for L A T E X 2ε.

See Also

bg5conv(1), cefconv(1), cef5conv(1), cefsconv(1), extconv(1),
the CJK documentation files.


Werner Lemberg <>

Referenced By

bg5conv(1), cef5conv(1), cefconv(1), cefsconv(1), extconv(1).

16-Oct-2021 CJK Version 4.8.5