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sip-options [OPTIONS] target-uri


The sip-options utility sends a SIP OPTIONS request (or any other SIP request) to a SIP server.

The sip-options tool will print out status line and interesting headers from the response, excluding From, Via, Call-ID, and CSeq. The message body is also printed.

Command Line Options

The options utility accepts following command line options:

-m url | --contact=url | --bind=url
Specifies the SIP URL to which the options utility binds.
--1XX | -1
Print also preliminary responses. If this option is not present, preliminary responses are silently discarded.
--all | -a
All SIP headers will be printed. If the --all option is given, the options utility also prints From, Via, Call-ID or CSeq headers.
Specifies the From header. Unless this option is used or the environment variable SIPADDRESS is set, local Contact URL is used as From header as well.
Specify the initial Max-Forwards count (defaults to 70, stack default).
Specify the request method (defaults to OPTIONS).
--extra | -x/dt>
Read extra headers (and optionally a message body) from the standard input

Return Codes

0when successful (a 2XX-series response is received) 1when unsuccessful (a 3XX..6XX-series response is received) 2initialization failure


You want to query supported features of sip:essip00net.nokia.com:

$ options sip:essip00net.nokia.com



Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <sofia-sip-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>.


Written by Pekka Pessi <pekka -dot pessi -at- nokia -dot- com>


sofia-sip-utils Version 1.12.11 Fri Mar 11 2011