siglevdetcal - Man Page

The SvxLink signal level detector calibration utility


siglevdetcal <configuration file> <RX config section name>


siglevdetcal is the SvxLink signal level detector calibration utility. It is used to assist in the setup of the SIGLEV_SLOPE and SIGLEV_OFFSET configuration variables for a local receiver. The signal level detector need to be calibrated if a voter or the SIGLEV squelch detector is going to be used.

The calibration procedure is quite simple and everything is more or less explained at run-time. The procedure is outlined below.



Set this environment variable to 1 if you get an error about ioctl: Broken pipe when the remotetrx server starts.


Tobias Blomberg (SM0SVX) <sm0svx at users dot sourceforge dot net>

Reporting Bugs

SvxLink Devel <svxlink-devel at lists dot sourceforge dot net>

See Also

svxlink(1), remotetrx(1), svxlink.conf(5)

Referenced By

devcal(1), remotetrx(1), remotetrx.conf(5), svxlink.conf(5).

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