shtool-mkshadow - Man Page

GNU shtool create shadow tree using symlinks


shtool mkshadow [-v|--verbose] [-t|--trace] [-a|--all] src-dir dst-dir


This command creates a shadow tree of src-dir under dst-dir by recreating the directory hierarchy of src-dir under dst-dir and by creating the files of src-dir by linking them into the corresponding directories under dst-dir via symbolic links. When src-dir can be reached via relative paths from dst-dir, relative symbolic links are used, too. This high-level functionality is originally designed for developers to create copies of source trees.


The following command line options are available.

-v,  --verbose

Display some processing information.

-t,  --trace

Enable the output of the essential shell commands which are executed.

-a,  --all

Really shadow all files and directories in src-dir. Default is to skip CVS related files and directories, backup files, object files, etc.


 #   shell script
 shtool mkshadow -v -a . /tmp/shadow


The GNU shtool mkshadow command was originally written by Ralf S. Engelschall <> in 1998 for Apache. It was later revised and taken over into GNU shtool.

See Also

shtool(1), ln(1).

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shtool 2.0.8 18-Jul-2008 GNU Portable Shell Tool