shptreedump - Man Page


shptreedump ā€” dump an ASCII representation of a quadtree

##SYNOPSIS shptreedump [-maxdepth n] [-search xmin ymin xmax ymax] [-v] [-o indexfilename] [-i indexfilename] shp_file

##DESCRIPTION Utility for creating and dumping an ASCII representation of a quadtree.


-maxdepth n

max tree depth

-search xmin ymin xmax ymax

limit search to box


verbose output

-o indexfilename

output index filename

-i indexfilename

input index filename


the name of an existing shapefile.

##AUTHOR shptreedump is part of shapelib, maintained by Frank Warmerdam.

##SEE ALSO dbfadd(1), dbfcat(1), dbfcreate(1), dbfdump(1), dbfinfo(1), shpcat(1), shpcentrd(1), shpcreate(1), shpdump(1), shpdxf(1), shpfix(1), shpinfo(1), shpproj(1), shprewind(1), shptest(1)


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