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shpcreate - Man Page


shpcreate ā€” create an empty ESRI shapefile

##SYNOPSIS shpcreate shp_file [point|arc|polygon|multipoint]

##DESCRIPTION Creates an empty shapefile supporting shapes of the given type. Shapefiles actually consist of two files with the same basename and extensions .shp and .shx (or .SHP and .SHX) containing the shape data and shape index respectively. The files to create are determined by first stripping any filename extension from shp_file and attempting to create the files shp_file.shp or shp_file.SHP, and shp_file.shx or shp_file.SHX for the respective data and index files. The supported values for the shapetype argument are: point, arc, polygon, and multipoint.



the name of the shapefile to be created. Doesn't need the extension


the type of shapefile that you wish to create. Must specify a valid option.

##EXAMPLE shpcreate testpolygon polygon

this will create a polygon shapefile named testpolygon (in fact testpolygon.shp and testpolygon.shx will be created).



Successful program execution.


Missing shp_file or shapetype argument.


Unknown shapetype.


Unable to create the shapefile.

##DIAGNOSTICS The following diagnostics may be issued on stdout:

Shape Type `shapetype' not recognised.

Unable to create:shp_file

##AUTHOR dbfdump is part of shapelib, maintained by Frank Warmerdam. This guide was created by Eduardo Patoo Kanegae and converted to manpage by Johan Van de Wauw. It was further enhanced with the man page written by Joonas Pihlaja (jpihlaja@cc.helsinki.fi).

##SEE ALSO dbfadd(1), dbfcat(1), dbfcreate(1), dbfdump(1), dbfinfo(1), shpadd(1), shpcat(1), shpcentrd(1), shpdump(1), shpdxf(1), shpfix(1), shpinfo(1), shpproj(1), shprewind(1), shptest(1)

Referenced By

dbfadd(1), dbfcat(1), dbfcreate(1), dbfdump(1), dbfinfo(1), Shape_PointInPoly(1), shpadd(1), shpcat(1), shpcentrd(1), shpdata(1), shpdump(1), shpdxf(1), shpfix(1), shpinfo(1), shpproj(1), shprewind(1), shpsort(1), shptest(1), shptreedump(1), shpwkb(1).

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