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shout - Man Page

Icecast source client




shout reads data from standard input and streams it to Icecast.


--format format

Set stream format. This can be "ogg", "mp3", or "webm". Default is "ogg".

-H host

See --host


See --help


Show help.

--host host

Set destination host. Default is "localhost".

--mount string

Set mountpoint. Default is "/example.ogg".

-P port

See --port

--pass string

Set source password. Default is "hackme".

--port port

Set destination port. Symbolic names are supported. Default is 8000.

--proto protocol

Set protocol. Default is "http".

--station-description string

Set stream description.

--station-genre string

Set stream genre.

--station-meta key=value

Set meta information. Both key and value are arbitrary strings.

--station-name string

Set stream name.

--station-url string

Set stream URL.

--tls-mode tls-mode

Set TLS mode. This can be "disabled", "auto", "auto_no_plain", "rfc2818", or "rfc2817". Default is "auto".

When libshout is build without TLS support only "disabled", and "auto" are supported.

--usage usage{,usage}

Set stream usages. This can be:


for audio substreams


for picture/video substreams (most often combined with "audio")


for text substreams that are not subtitles


for subtitle substreams


for light control substreams


for user interface data, such as DVD menus or buttons


for substreams that include metadata for the stream


for application specific data substreams


for substreams that control the infrastructure


for substreams that are themself a mixture of other types


for substream of types not listed here


for streams that may contain additional substreams of unknown nature


for streams that contain information for 3D playback


for streams that contain information for 4D/XD playback

--user string

Set source user. Default is "source".


If this binary is symlinked, or hardlinked to the name "oggfwd" it provides drop-in compatibly with oggfwd(1).


December 16, 2020