shotcut - Man Page

video editor


shotcut [options] [FILE]...


-h, ā€‰--help

Displays this help.

-v, ā€‰--version

Displays version information.


Fill the screen with the Shotcut window.


Hide upgrade prompt and menu item.


Run Glaxnimate instead of Shotcut.


Use GPU processing.


Clear Recent on Exit

--appdata <directory>

The directory for app configuration and data.

--QT_SCALE_FACTOR <number>

The scale factor for a high-DPI screen


A semicolon-separated list of scale factors for each screen


How to handle a fractional display scale: Round, Ceil, Floor, RoundPreferFloor, PassThrough


Which operating system audio API to use: alsa, arts, dsp, esd, jack, pipewire, pulseaudio



Zero or more files or folders to open


Best to start at


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