sgscan - Man Page

scan an file or mailbox for viruses/spams


sgscan [--help] [--config filename] [--debug level] [--clean] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--av-only] files...


This command is a part of sagator. It can be used to scan files or mailboxes for viruses/spams. It also can be used to clean mailboxes (if some viruses passes through sagator).



Display a short help text.

--config filename

Load "filename" as alternate config. This filename must be without ".py" extension.

--debug level

Set debug level to "level". You can specifi level from 0 to 9.


Clean all known viruses from mailboxes.


Quiet output. If an infection/spam will be found, only increment an counter and do not display anything.


Verbose output. Also clean emails are shown. Virus name "CLEAN" will be shown.


Show progress indicator. Shows total number of emails in mailbox, email counter, infection/spam count and estimation time.


Use only antivirus scanners and do not use antispam scanners.


Scan all mailboxes for viruses.

sgscan --av-only /var/mail/*

Scan and clean all mailboxes:

sgscan --clean /var/mail/*


Jan ONDREJ (SAL) <ondrejj (at)>

See Also

sgfilter(1), sagator(8), sqback(8)

Referenced By

sagator(8), sgfilter(1), sqback(8).

December 20, 2004 version 0.1 SAGATOR