sgml2lyx - Man Page

create LyX output from a LinuxDoc DTD SGML source file


sgml2lyx [generic-option...] file[.sgml]


sgml2lyx is an old and obsoleted form of the lyx converter command of LinuxDoc-Tools.  It is recommended to switch the new form linuxdoc -B lyx now. It converts a LinuxDoc DTD SGML source file to LyX output. Output will appear in file.lyx where file is the name of the SGML source file.

The attribute/value pair "output=lyx" is set for conditionals.


sgm2lyx accepts all the generic options described in linuxdoc(1).


The SGML source file, named either file or file.sgml


Many files and executables in /usr/share/linuxdoc-tools and /usr/bin are used.


None known.


Originally written by Frank Pavageau <> and Cees de Groot <> as sgml2lyx. Currently maintained by Taketoshi Sano <> for Linuxdoc-Tools.

See Also

linuxdoc(1), sgml2html(1), sgml2info(1), sgml2latex(1), sgml2rtf(1), sgml2txt(1), sgmlcheck(1).

Referenced By

sgml2html(1), sgml2info(1), sgml2latex(1), sgml2rtf(1), sgml2txt(1).

16 May 2000