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sfwbar-idleinhibit - Man Page


sfwbar-idleinhibit ā€” Sfwbar IdleInhibitor module

Filename: idleinhibit.so

Requires: none


The IdleInhibit module, allows attaching idle inhibitor to any widget in the taskbar. If an idle inhibitor is active on a visible widget, it will prevent any the compiositor to going into an idle state (i.e. blanking a screen, going into a suspend mode or activating a screensaver)

Expression Functions


Query an idle inhibitor state on a calling widget. It return a string with possible values of "On", if an idle inhibitor is set on the widget or "Off" if it isn't. If the function is called from an expression which isn't attached to a widget, the returned value will be "Off".


SetIdleInhibitor Command

Set idle inhibitor state for a widget. The possible command values are:


turn on an idle inhibitor


turn off an idle inhibitor


toggle the state of an idle inhibitor


The module defines one trigger "IdleInhibitor" which is emitted whenever the state of any idle inhibitor changes.