sfnt2woff-zopfli - Man Page

package OpenType otffile as WOFF, creating otffile.woff


sfnt2woff-zopfli [-v maj.min] [-m metadata.xml] [-p private.dat] otffile


Packages OpenType otffile as WOFF, creating otffile.woff.

This is a modified version of the sfnt2woff(1) utility that uses Zopfli as a compression algorithm instead of zlib(3).


-v maj.min

set font version number (major and minor, both integers)

-m metadata.xml

include metadata from metadata.xml (not validated)

-n iterations

number of zopfli iterations (default = 15)

-p private.dat

include private data block

See Also

woff2sfnt-zopfli(1), sfnt2woff(1), woff2sfnt(1)

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November 2020