sflphone-client-gnome man page

sflphone-client-gnome — SIP and IAX2 compatible voice over IP softphone GTK+ client.


SFLphone is meant to be a robust enterprise-class desktop phone. It provides functions like call transfer, call hold, multiple lines, multiple accounts support. SFLphone audio layer is build upon a native ALSA interface and and a native PulseAudio interface. sflphone-client-gnome is a GTK+ client for SFLphone; it communicates with the core side through DBus. SFLphone package comes with the core, sflphoned.


Please report bugs at https://projects.savoirfairelinux.com/p….


sflphone-client-gnome is developed in Montreal by Savoir-Faire Linux Inc.

This manual page was written by Emmanuel Milou <emmanuel.milou@savoirfairelinux.com>.

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sflphone(1) is an alias of sflphone-client-gnome(1).

2016-10-31 1.4.1