sfcbinst2mof - Man Page

Dump static instances to mof


sfcbinst2mof <options> [-n namespace] [-c classname]


Allowed options are:


display this message


verbose: print some extra processing information to stdout


print version information

-n <namespace>


-c <classname>

[REQUIRED] - actual class name instrumented - not a parent class

-g <sfcb cfg file> (default=/etc/sfcb/sfcb.cfg)

-o <output file>

full path to output file. Path must exist, with write rights.  (default = stdout)


truncate output file before writing to it (default = append)


output instances that were created in MOF, in addition to instances created interactively


output ONLY instances that were created in MOF (don't include instances created interactively)

-r <repository dir> use alternate repository (override sfcb cfg file). (default = /var/lib/sfcb/registration/repository)


June 2013 sfcb Version 1.3.16