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ses_report - Man Page

SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) status and metrics reporting utility


ses_report [-h] [-d] (-c | -s) [--prefix PREFIX] [-j]


SES status and environmental metrics.

Used with -c, ses_report will search for enclosure environmental metrics and then output results in a format suitable for Carbon/Graphite.

Alternatively, you can Use -s to get the status of all detected SES Element Descriptors.

ses_report has support for SES-2 enclosure nickname.


optional arguments:
-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-d, --debug

enable debugging

-c, --carbon

output SES Element descriptors metrics in a format suitable for Carbon/Graphite

-s, --status

output status found in SES Element descriptors

output options:
--prefixĀ PREFIX

carbon prefix (example: "datacenter.cluster", default is "sasutils.ses_report")

-j, --json

alternative JSON output mode

Exit Status

An exit status of zero indicates success of the command, and failure otherwise.

See Also

sas_counters(1), sas_devices(1), sas_discover(1)

Bug Reports

Use the following URL to submit a bug report or feedback:


Stephane Thiell <sthiell@stanford.edu>

Referenced By

sas_counters(1), sas_devices(1), sas_discover(1).

2023-10-01 0.5.0 sasutils