seq24 man page

Seq24 — Real time MIDI sequencer


seq24 [Options] [FILENAME]


Seq24 is a real-time midi sequencer. It was created to provide a very simple interface for editing and playing midi 'loops'.


Seq24 accepts the following options:

Display a list of all commandline options
Display the program version
--file <filename>
Load MIDI file on startup
Seq24 won't attach alsa ports
Dumps incoming midi to screen
Runs higher priority with FIFO scheduler
Passes any incoming sysex messages to all outputs
--ignore <number>
Ignore ALSA device <number>
Prints pressed key value
--interaction_method <number>
Select mouse interaction method (0 = seq24) (default) (1 = fruity loops method)
seq24 will sync to JACK transport
seq24 will try to be JACK master
JACK master will fail if there is already a master
--jack_start_mode <x>
When seq24 is synced to JACK, the following play modes are available: (0 = live mode) (1 = song mode) (default)
Print statistics on commandline while running
--jack_session_uuid <uuid>
Set uuid for jack session


$HOME/.seq24rc stores the user settings for seq24.

Suggestions and Bug Reports

Any bugs found should be reported to the upstream author and/or package maintainer.

Other Info

The old project homepage is at the new one is at

It is released under the GNU GPL license.


Seq24 was written by Rob C. Buse <> and the Seq24team.

This manual page was written by Dana Olson <> with additions from Guido Scholz <>.


November 20 2010 Version 0.9.2 Seq24 Manual Page