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seatd - Man Page

A seat management daemon


seatd [options]



Show help message and quit.

-n <fd>

FD to notify readiness on. A single newline will be written and the fd closed when seatd is ready to serve requests. This is compatible with s6's notification protocol.

-u <user>

User to own the seatd socket.

-g <group>

Group to own the seatd socket.

-l <loglevel>

Log-level to use. Must be one of debug, info, error or silent. Defaults to error.


Show the version number and quit.


seatd provides central seat management, mediating access to shared resources such as displays and input devices in a multi-session, multi-seat environment.

seatd operates over a UNIX domain socket, with libseat providing the client-side of the protocol.

The location of the socket for seatd is set at compile-time.



If set to "0", the seat will not be bound to a VT.

See Also

The libseat library, <libseat.h>, seatd-launch(1)


Maintained by Kenny Levinsen <contact@kl.wtf>, who is assisted by other open-source contributors. For more information about seatd development, see https://sr.ht/~kennylevinsen/seatd.

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