seamonkey - Man Page

an internet application suite (browser, mail, etc.)


seamonkey [Options] [URL]

seamonkey-bin [Options] [URL]


SeaMonkey is an open-source web browser, designed for standards compliance, performance and portability.


seamonkey is a simple shell script that will set up the environment for the actual executable, seamonkey-bin.


A summary of the options supported by seamonkey is included below.

GTK options

--gdk-debug=FLAGS Gdk debugging flags to set


Gdk debugging flags to unset


Gtk+ debugging flags to set


Gtk+ debugging flags to unset


Load an additional Gtk module

X11 options


X display to use


Make X calls synchronous


Don't use X shared memory extension


Make all warnings fatal

SeaMonkey options

-height value

Set height of startup window to value.

-h, -help

Show summary of options.


Start with 4.x migration window.

-width value

Set width of startup window to value.

-v, -version

Print seamonkey-bin version.

-CreateProfile profile

Create profile.

-P profile

Start with profile.


Start with profile wizard.


Start with profile manager.


Start with profile selection dialog.

-lang lang-region

Start with lang-region resources.

-remote command

Execute command in an already running SeaMonkey process.  For more info, see:


Enable splash screen.


Start with the addressbook.


Start with news.


Start with Javascript Console

-edit url

Start with editor.

-chrome url

Load the specified chrome.


Start with mail.

-compose url

Start with mail compose.


/usr/bin/seamonkey - shell script wrapping seamonkey
/seamonkey-bin - seamonkey executable




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The Mozilla Organization


March 28, 2005 Linux User's Manual