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sdffilter - Man Page

manual page for sdffilter 24.03


sdffilter [Options] inputFiles...


Provides information in a variety of formats (including usda-like) about Sdf Layers or specified (filtered) parts of a layer.


inputFiles ...

The input files to process



Print this help message and exit

-p,--path regex

Report only paths matching this regex.

-f,--field regex

Report only fields matching this regex.

-t,--time n or ff..lf

Report only these times (n) or time ranges (ff..lf) for 'timeSamples' fields

--timeTolerance tol

Report times that are close to those requested within this relative tolerance. Default: 0.000125

--arraySizeLimit INT

Truncate arrays with more than this many elements.  If -1, do not truncate arrays.  Default: 0 for 'outline' output, 8 for 'pseudoLayer' output, and -1 for 'layer' output.

--timeSamplesSizeLimit INT

Truncate timeSamples with more than this many values.  If -1, do not truncate timeSamples.  Default: 0 for 'outline' output, 8 for 'pseudoLayer' output, and -1 for 'layer' output.  Truncation performed after initial filtering by --time arguments.

-o,--out TEXT

Direct output to this file.  Use the 'outputFormat' for finer control over the underlying format for output formats that are not uniquely determined by file extension.

--outputType validity|summary|outline|pseudoLayer|layer

Specify output format; 'summary' reports overall statistics, 'outline' is a flat text report of paths and fields, 'pseudoLayer' is similar to the sdf file format but with truncated array values and timeSamples for human readability, and 'layer' is true layer output, with the format controlled by the 'outputFile' and 'outputFormat' arguments. Default: outline

--sortBy path|field

Group 'outline' output by either path or field.  Ignored for other output types. Default: path


Do not report field values.


May 2024 sdffilter 24.03