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sdfdump - Man Page

manual page for sdfdump 24.03


sdfdump [Options] inputFiles...


Filter and display raw layer data


inputFiles ...

The input files to dump.



Print this help message and exit


Report a high-level summary.


Check validity by trying to read all data values.

-p,--path regex

Report only paths matching this regex.

-f,--field regex

Report only fields matching this regex.

-t,--time n or ff..lf

Report only these times (n) or time ranges (ff..lf) for 'timeSamples' fields

--timeTolerance tol

Report times that are close to those requested within this relative tolerance. Default: 0.000125

--sortBy path|field

Group output by either path or field. Default: path


Do not report field values.


Report full array contents rather than number of elements


May 2024 sdfdump 24.03