sddm-greeter man page

sddm-greeter — sddm display manager greeter


sddm-greeter [Options...]


sddm is a display and login manager based on Qt technologies.

Using QtQuick and QML, designers are given the ability to easily create pleasant, modern looking interfaces for sddm.

sddm-greeter is an auxiliary process that displays the greeter, a graphical user interface to perform the authentication and select the session to run.

It is launched by the sddm daemon, end users are not meant to run it.


--theme PATH
Specify theme full path.
--socket NAME
Specify the socket used to communicate with sddm daemon.
Start greeter in test mode.
--help, -h
Show help message and exit.


System configuration file
Where sddm looks for themes

See Also

sddm(1), sddm.conf(5)

The full documentation for sddm is available at


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