sddm-greeter - Man Page

sddm display manager greeter


sddm-greeter [Options...]


sddm is a display and login manager based on Qt technologies.

Using QtQuick and QML, designers are given the ability to easily create pleasant, modern looking interfaces for sddm.

sddm-greeter is an auxiliary process that displays the greeter, a graphical user interface to perform the authentication and select the session to run.

It is launched by the sddm daemon, end users are not meant to run it.


--theme PATH

Specify theme full path.

--socket NAME

Specify the socket used to communicate with sddm daemon.


Start greeter in test mode.

--help, ā€‰-h

Show help message and exit.



System configuration directory


Local configuration directory


Local configuration file for compatibility


Where sddm looks for themes

See Also

sddm(1), sddm.conf(5)

The full documentation for sddm is available at


May 2014 sddm 0.20.0