scram - Man Page

Command-line Risk Analysis Multi-tool


scram [options] input-files...


SCRAM is a probabilistic risk analysis (PRA) tool. It can perform event tree analysis, static fault tree analysis, analysis with common cause failure models, probability calculations with importance analysis, and uncertainty analysis with Monte Carlo simulations. This tool can handle non-coherent fault trees, containing NOT logic.

SCRAM works with PRA models and constructs described in the Open-PSA Model Exchange Format.



Display this help message


Display version information

--config-file path

XML file with analysis configurations


Validate input files without analysis


Perform qualitative analysis with BDD


Perform qualitative analysis with ZBDD


Perform qualitative analysis with MOCUS


Calculate prime implicants

--probability bool

Perform probability analysis

--importance bool

Perform importance analysis

--uncertainty bool

Perform uncertainty analysis

--ccf bool

Perform common-cause failure analysis

--sil bool

Compute the Safety Integrity Level metrics


Use the rare event approximation


Use the MCUB approximation

-l [ --limit-order ] int

Upper limit for the product order

--cut-off double

Cut-off probability for products

--mission-time double

System mission time in hours

--time-step double

Time step in hours for probability analysis

--num-trials int

Number of trials for Monte Carlo simulations

--num-quantiles int

Number of quantiles for distributions

--num-bins int

Number of bins for histograms

--seed int

Seed for the pseudo-random number generator

-o [ --output-path ] path Output path for reports

--verbosity int

Set log verbosity

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May 2017 SCRAM 0.13.0 SCRAM Manual