sconsign - Man Page

print SCons signature file information


sconsign [options...] [file...]


Displays the contents of one or more sconsign files, the signature database files used by the SCons build tool.

By default, sconsign dumps the entire contents of the sconsign file(s). Without options, individual dependency entries are printed in the following format:

depfile: signature timestamp length
        implicit_dependency_1: content_signature timestamp length
        implicit_dependency_2: content_signature timestamp length
        action_signature [action string]

None is printed in place of any missing timestamp, content signature (csig) or build action signature values for any entry or any of its dependencies. If the entry has no implicit dependencies, or no build action, those lines are omitted.

By default, sconsign assumes that any file arguments that end with a .dblite suffix contains signature entries for more than one directory (that is, was specified by the SConsignFile function). Any file argument that has no suffix is assumed to be an old-style sconsign file containing the signature entries for a single directory. If neither of those is true, sconsign attempts to guess the format. If that does not work, an explicit format may be specified using the -f or --format= options.

If there are no file arguments, the name .sconsign.dblite is assumed by default.


Various options control what information is printed and the format:

-a,  --act,  --action

Prints only the build action information for all entries or the specified entries.

-c,  --csig

Prints only the content signature (csig) information for all entries or the specified entries.


When the signatures are being read from a .dblite file, or the -f dblite or --format=dblite options are used, prints information about only the signatures for entries in the specified DIRECTORY.

-e ENTRY, --entry=ENTRY

Prints information about only the specified ENTRY. Multiple -e options may be used, in which case information about each ENTRY is printed in the order in which the options are specified on the command line.

-f FORMAT, --format=FORMAT

The file(s) to be printed are in the specified FORMAT. Legal values are dblite (the SCons.dblite format used by default, as well as when the SConsignFile function is called, except when a filename argument of None is given) and sconsign (the format used for an individual .sconsign file in each directory).

-h,  --help

Prints a help message and exits.

-i,  --implicit

Prints the list of cached implicit dependencies for all entries or for the specified entries.


Prints a pretty-printed representation of the raw Python dictionary that holds build information about individual entries (both the entry itself and its implicit dependencies). An entry's build action is still printed in its usual format.

-r,  --readable

Prints timestamps in a human-readable string, enclosed in single quotes.

-t,  --timestamp

Prints the timestamp information for all entries or the specified entries.

-v,  --verbose

Prints labels identifying each field being printed.



Specifies the directory that contains the SCons Python module directory (e.g. /home/aroach/scons-src/SCons).

See Also

scons, the SCons User Guide at, the SCons source code on GitHub[1].


Originally: Steven Knight and Anthony Roach

Since 2010: The SCons Development Team



on GitHub


01/21/2023 SCons 4.4.0