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scantv - Man Page

scan a v4l device for TV stations.


scantv [ options ]


scantv scans a v4l device for available TV stations and writes a xawtv/fbtv config file.


-i input

set tv  input (Television/Composite1/S-video and so on). Default is Television.

-n norm

set tv  norm.   scantv will ask interactively if none is given.

-f table

set frequency table.  scantv will ask interactively if none is given.

-o outfile

specify output file.  If none is specified, scantv writes to stdout.

-c device

specify video device file.  Default is /dev/video0.

-D driver

specify video driver name.  Default is "libv4l".

-C device

specify vbi device file.  Default is /dev/vbi0.


skip channel scan, just write norm + freqtab to the config file.


Do a full scan (i.e. all frequencies, not just the ones from the frequency table).

See Also

xawtv(1), fbtv(1)


Gerd Knorr <kraxel@bytesex.org>

Referenced By

xawtv(1), xawtvrc(5).

(c) 2000 Gerd Knorr