save2gdf - Man Page

converts different biomedical signal file formats.


save2gdf [OPTIONS]  SOURCE  [DEST]


SOURCE is the source file
DEST is the destination file
Supported OPTIONS are:
-v, --version
prints version information
-h, --help
prints this information
converts data into format FMT
FMT must represent a valid target file format
Currently are supported: HL7aECG, SCP_ECG (EN1064),
GDF (v2), GDF1 (v1), EDF, BDF, CFWB, BIN, ASCII, BVA (BrainVision)
-z compress data using gzip
-z=#, compress data with level #
#=0 no compression; #=9 best compression
-VERBOSE=#, verbosity level #
0=silent, 9=debugging


Alois Schloegl

Reporting Bugs

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