saphire - Man Page


saphire script language

saphire [-c command] [-s] [-w] [-e] [-Lu] [-Lm] [-Lw] [--version] [script file]

saphiresh [-c command] [-s] [-w] [-e] [-Lu] [-Lm] [-Lw] [--version] [script file]


saphire is a script language. You can use saphiresh command to interactive shell.

The following options are available

-c " string"
Commands described by string are executed and exit immediately.

set encode as shift-jis

set encode as Utf-8

set encode as Eucjp

set linefield as LF.

set linefield as CR.

set linefield as CRLF


run saphiresh and run shelp inner command.


$ cat >
puts "Hello World"
$ saphire
Hello World

$ ls | saphire -c '|each (|if(|chomp|-d) (|print ))'
list of directories

$ saphiresh
-+- Welcome to saphire 3.6.5 -+-
run 'shelp' command for saphire help
saphire_shell >

Referenced By

The man page saphiresh(1) is an alias of saphire(1).