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salt-lint - Man Page

A command-line utility that checks for best practices in SaltStack.


salt-lint [Options] [FILE ...]


This document describes the salt-lint program, a linting utility that checks for best practices in SaltStack SLS files.


positional arguments


one or more files or paths


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit


show program's version number and exit


list all the rules


specify one or more rules directories using one or more -r arguments. Any -r flags override the default rules in $rulesdir/saltlint/rules, unless -R is also used.


Use default rules in $rulesdir/saltlint/rules in addition to any extra rules directories specified with -r. There is no need to specify this if no -r flags are used.


only check rules whose id/tags match these values


list all the tags


Increase verbosity level


only check rules whose id/tags do not match these values

--nocolor,  --nocolour

disable colored output

--force-color,  --force-colour

Try force colored output (relying on salt's code)


path to directories or files to skip. This option is repeatable.


parse the output as JSON


add the severity to the standard output

-c C

Specify configuration file to use. Defaults to ".saltlint"


$PWD/.saltlint -- Salt-lint checks the working directory for the presence of this file and applies any configuration found there. The configuration file location can also be overridden via the -c path/to/file CLI flag.

If a value is provided on both the command line and via a configuration file, the values will be merged (if a list like exclude_paths), or the True value will be preferred, in the case of something like quiet.


Warpnet B.V. <info@warpnet.nl>

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to https://github.com/warpnet/salt-lint/issues.


February 2023 salt-lint 0.9.2