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rz-sign - Man Page

rizin signature utility


rz-sign[-acehoqv] [-oĀ outfile] file


rz-sign allows to create and inspect FLIRT code signatures.


Analyze binary after loading it with RzCore and use -AA to run aaaa instead of aaa. Available only together with the o option.


Interpret the input file as a FLIRT signature file and dump the pattern format


Set an evaluable config variable. Available only together with the o option


Show usage help message.

-o file.sig

Perform an analysis of a binary and generate FLIRT signatures for all functions inside it


Enable quiet mode.


Show version information.

See Also

rizin(1), rz-find(1), rz-hash(1), rz-bin(1), rz-asm(1), rz-gg(1), rz-run(1), rz-ax(1), rz-diff(1),

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January 21, 2024